mplayerplug-in doesn't work

  • john-s

    john-s - 2006-07-11

    I just got done installing mplayerplug-in.

    When I went back to the above link and click on windows media an mplayerplugin box appears and during that point I get the following:

    buffer 0% - 0kb

    When I click on play, it says "Getting playlist" and then it just stops. I don't hear anything. Perhaps maybe I need mplayer and it's gui to make the plugin work?

    *By the way, I use mozilla firefox.

    Here are some more info that I should probably give out. My /lib/win32 directory contains the following:          jp2avi.dll                   tsd32.dll
    alf2cd.acm           l3codeca.acm                 tssoft32.acm
    aslcodec_dshow.dll                  tvqdec.dll
    aslcodec_vfw.dll     LCMW2.dll          
    asusasv2.dll         LCodcCMP.dll                 ubvmp4d.dll
    asusasvd.dll         LCODCCMW2E.dll               ultimo.dll
    ativcr2.dll          lhacm.acm                    VDODEC32.dll
    atrac3.acm           lsvxdec.dll                  vdowave.drv          m3jp2k32.dll                 vgpix32d.dll
    AvidQTAVUICodec.qtx  m3jpeg32.dll                 vid_3ivX.xa
    avimszh.dll                 vid_cvid.xa
    avizlib.dll          mcdvd_32.dll                 vid_cyuv.xa
    BeHereiVideo.qtx     mcmjpg32.dll                 vid_h261.xa
    CLRVIDDC.DLL         mi-sc4.acm                   vid_h263.xa
    clrviddd.dll         mpg4c32.dll                  vid_iv32.xa                      vid_iv41.xa          msadp32.acm                  vid_iv50.xa
    ctadp32.acm          msg711.acm                   ViVD2.dll
    CtWbJpg.DLL          msgsm32.acm                  vivog723.acm          msh261.drv                   vmnc.dll
    DECVW_32.DLL         msms001.vwp        
    divxa32.acm          msnaudio.acm                 vp31vfw.dll          msrle32.dll                  vp4vfw.dll
    divxc32.dll                  vp5vfw.dll           msvidc32.dll                 vp6vfw.dll
    divx.dll             mvoiced.vwp                  vssh264core.dll          nsrt2432.acm                 vssh264dec.dll          pclepim1.dll                 vssh264.dll          qdv.dll                      vsslight.dll          qpeg32.dll                   vsswlt.dll              qtmlClient.dll               wma9dmod.dll          QuickTimeEssentials.qtx      wmadmod.dll
    huffyuv.dll          QuickTimeInternetExtras.qtx  wmsdmod.dll
    i263_32.drv          QuickTime.qts                wmspdmod.dll          README             
    iccvid.dll           rt32dcmp.dll                 wmv9dmod.dll
    icmw_32.dll          scg726.acm                   wmvadvd.dll
    imaadp32.acm                  wmvdmod.dll
    imc32.acm            sp5x_32.dll        
    ir32_32.dll                   wnvplay1.dll
    ir41_32.dll                  wnvwinx.dll
    ivvideo.dll          tsccvid.dll

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2006-07-11

      I tested the current CVS code and it works here. I can suggest that you try current CVS because there have been changes to the streaming support in versions after 3.25. Also make sure that you version of mplayer supports mms:// streaming.

    • john-s

      john-s - 2006-07-11

      I'm not sure if my current version of mplayerplug-in supports mms://streaming: I checked over at my /etc/mplayerplug-in.conf and I got the following:


      The above list is my .conf for mplayerplug-in. Maybe the above information can help and maybe give out some clues. Here is another. In my /etc/mplayerplug-in.types directory I have the following:

      audio/mpeg2:mp2:MPEG audio;
      audio/x-mpeg2:mp2:MPEG audio;
      audio/mpeg3:mp3:MPEG audio;
      audio/x-mpeg3:mp3:MPEG audio;
      audio/mp3:mp3:MPEG audio;
      audio/x-mpegurl:m3u:MPEG url;
      video/mp4:mp4:MPEG 4 Video;
      application/x-ogg:ogg:Ogg Vorbis Media;
      audio/ogg:ogg:Ogg Vorbis Audio;
      application/ogg:ogg:Ogg Vorbis / Ogg Theora;
      video/fli:fli,flc:FLI animation;
      video/x-fli:fli,flc:FLI animation;
      application/x-nsv-vp3-mp3:nsv:Nullsoft Streaming Video;
      audio/basic:au,snd:Basic audio;
      audio/x-basic:au,snd:Basic audio;
      audio/x-scpls:pls:Shoutcast Playlist;
      video/divx:divx:DivX Media Format;
      video/vnd.divx:divx:DivX Media Format;
      audio/midi:mid,midi,kar:MIDI Audio;

      *I don't have "mplayer and it's gui" installed by the way. I'm guessing that I don't need it, or do I?

      • Kevin DeKorte

        Kevin DeKorte - 2006-07-12

        mplayer is an absolute requirement as mplayerplug-in uses it to play the media. You must be able to type mplayer at the command prompt and have it work.

        The mplayerplug-in.types is not used since all the options in the mplayerplug-in.conf file are all commented out (this is normally exactly what you want).

        So install mplayer and see if things start working better..Did you also complete the tests on the mplayerplug-in webpage that has testing?

    • john-s

      john-s - 2006-07-12

      Ok now everything works. The test went smooth everything is ok.


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