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  • random_exact

    random_exact - 2006-07-07

    I tried posting in general discussion but apparently that forum is a ghost town.  This is sort've a Help question...

    Some of us are Windows users believe it or not, and nevertheless do NOT wish to use the crap players that are available (namely, Media Player).  I use MPlayer _only_ and many times every day, and yet I cannot use your plugin.  Just the same as Windows craplications often do not support other operating systems like (the ones you're using for instance), would you not rise above that and support others?

    Why no support for mplayer plugin for mozilla for windows?  I'm an mplayer user, too.

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2006-07-07

      There is no mplayerplug-in for Windows because no one has ported it to windows. And I have no desire to do so

    • random_exact

      random_exact - 2006-07-09

      Great.  Thanks for the obvious/useless answer, and unwanted commentary/opinion.  I'm sure the world will stop if you personally don't port it.

      Way to support diversity.

      • Kevin DeKorte

        Kevin DeKorte - 2006-07-10

        Considering I am the primary author of mplayerplug-in and I have written most of the application and do not use windows and I don't have the resouces for developing a windows application. I do not see it happening.

        Anyone is welcome to take the existing GTK/X code and port the application to Windows, due the GPL. And I would take a patch that would implement support, but so far in the three years of development of mplayerplug-in no one has ever submitted a patch that even attempted a port.

        • random_exact

          random_exact - 2006-07-11

          Thank you, much more informative.  I may ask a friend if he's willing to attempt the task.

    • Vacon

      Vacon - 2007-07-04

      Hello everyone,

      any news about this issue?

      Best regards!


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