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  • Jay Gairson

    Jay Gairson - 2004-06-21

    Where am I supposed to locate the mini skin files?  I assume in my /.../mplayer/Skin/  directory?

    Also, is it possible to reskin this myself?  I assume so by just following the mplayer skin setup?

    And is there a way to connect to the plugin via javascript or something so you could provide it a play list?

    And I ask too many questions in one posting..

    And is there any way to make a location-bar so I can move it back and forth to place myself within the song?

    Ok, I think that's it.


    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2004-06-21


      Mplayer skins are no longer used, so don't worry about them.

      Yes, mplayer is javascript compatible. Read docs/javascript.txt in the tar file to see the capabilities.

      Location bar is not available but there is rew/ff buttons for media that supports it.

    • Jay Gairson

      Jay Gairson - 2004-06-21

      But I want to reskin the player -- the buttons are too small for me :(  Is there any way to do that?

    • Jay Gairson

      Jay Gairson - 2004-06-21

      -- btw, thanks for the help.   I should be able to modify the pixmaps .xpm files to skin it to bigger buttons of my own choosing?  WIsh there was a bit more information on how to do that.

      • Kevin DeKorte

        Kevin DeKorte - 2004-06-22

        Funny, I had people complain the buttons used to be to big.. I used to have a large and small set, but it became to much of a hassle to maintain them.

        Anyway, if you resize them you will have postiioning errors and other nasty issues with the buttons. So you'll have to dig into the code quite abit.

    • Jay Gairson

      Jay Gairson - 2004-06-23

      I imagine most of the people that complained aren't using a touch screen and aren't half blind also ;)   It makes a difference.   They're tiny for me.  Oh well.

    • Jay Gairson

      Jay Gairson - 2004-06-27

      No problem, I ended up writing myself a XAML widget to handle it.   Long live XUL :)

      If I get it cleaned up sometime and find a way to make it work without having to punch the URL into it directly, I'll try to remember to share it.


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