cvs problem

  • Martin Paquet

    Martin Paquet - 2005-03-17

    Been getting the following for the past two days:

    "cvs update: cannot open /root/.cvsignore: Permission denied"

    This does not happen with another cvs project that I use (MPlayer).  Something misconficured on the mplayerplug-in cvs server perhaps?  I'm not familiar enough with cvs to pinpoint it.  Some suggest chmodding /root to a+r on the cvs server but I'm sure there's another more secure way.  Whatever it is, I can't see anything that can be done from the client side to fix this problem.


    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2005-03-17

      Works for me.. you should contact sourceforge about this anyway as I don't have any control over the CVS server..

      Here is the export anonymous script I use

      > more export_anon
      rm -rf mplayerplug-in
      cvs -d export -D "1 second ago" mplayerplug-in

    • Martin Paquet

      Martin Paquet - 2005-03-18

      All right thanks Kevin.  I will get in touch with sourceforge.  Regards.

    • Martin Paquet

      Martin Paquet - 2005-03-28

      This problem is now fixed.


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