vo=xv causes video to just keep downloading

  • chans

    chans - 2007-01-11

    i'm using latest mplayer+svn and latest mplayerplug-in+cvs, and i find
    that video plays and streams fine with vo=x11; but not with vo=xv.  with
    xv, it just buffers till download is done.  i would have to manually click
    play a few times to get it going.

    i understand that this is known issue and is documented.  workaround is
    to use vo=x11.  but i'd like to know if this will eventually be fixed for
    other output devices, eg xv.


    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2007-01-11

      Sounds like xv is having some issues on your machine. Be aware that you can only run one xv application at a time. Also if you are using an advanced window manager (compiz, beryl, etc) x11 will probably perform just as well as xv.

      I would need to see debug output to see why xv is failing on your machine.

      Here are many instances on the mailing list on how to setup debugging.

    • chans

      chans - 2007-01-12

      i turned on debug and i get long output.  too long to post here, but the
      portion that might be useful is this:

      marking http://images.apple.com/movies/warner_independent/infamous/infamous-tlr1_h480.mov as played
      ----player thread: played = 1 - /tmp/mplayzlsBLT
      ----player thread: close done
      mmsstream = 0 errorcode = 0
      ----player thread: transitioning to next item
      ----player thread: entering loop. loop_count = -1
      ----player thread: looking for node to play
      ----player thread: play = 0 played = 0 entry = -1 fname = /tmp/mplayku6ScA
      ----player thread: play = 0 played = 0 entry = -1 fname = /tmp/mplayaEGLLd
      ----player thread: play = 1 played = 1 entry = -1 fname = /tmp/mplayzlsBLT
      ----player thread: local_list is NULL loop_count = -1
      ----player thread: loop_count = -2 loop_single = 0
      ----player thread: nothing on the list to play
      ----player thread: nothing to play
      ----player thread: callbacks complete
      ----player thread: normal exit
      signalling player from write
      Signalling Player thread, state = 125, js_state = 0
      ****Player thread did not launch correctly****
      ****Player thread did not start correctly****
      stop clickd
      in SetFullscreen with 0
      fullscreen = 0
      height = 340 and width = 480
      Destroy stream found a URL match
      checking to see if we need to make a button
      calling buildPlaylist with filename /tmp/mplayzlsBLT
      Scanning for speed
      low = 25600, med = 25600, high = 25600
      playlist adjustment complete
      URL: http://images.apple.com/movies/warner_independent/infamous/infamous-tlr1_h480.mov
      Reason 0
      play clickd

      notice the "Player thread did not launch correctly" message near the middle.

      basically, i went to apple.com/trailers and clicked on this movie.  next
      page had options of different sized trailers.  i just picked the large one.

      the video would buffer to a certain point where it would normally start playing,
      but doesn't.  instead, it would "blink" quickly and continue buffering till 99%,
      and stop.  i click play and it plays normally.

      interestingly, when launching firefox from an xterm, the problem doesn't happen
      nearly as often as if i launch firefox via the window manager.  in fact, i
      had to test several times before the problem was reproduced with this trailer.

      hope this helps.



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