Exception for certain MIME types or extension

  • Jesse Adelman

    Jesse Adelman - 2006-03-26

    Howdy. mplayerplug-in works well. However, I want to make an exception for mp3/ogg/pls files that I explicitly download (i.e. not embedded). I want those files to be handled by an external player (like audacious). How can I do this? I looked through the docs, and through the FAQ, but couldn't find a good answer. Thanks.

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2006-03-26

      Did you try right clicking in mplayerplug-in, choosing configure and unchecking the media types you don't want.

      Also, http://mplayerplug-in.sourceforge.net/config.php has most of the config options you want... enable-pls=0 to turn off playlist support. The rest are covered on the config page.



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