Problems playing the DareDevil trailer.

  • Scott Harrison

    Scott Harrison - 2004-01-07


    I've installed Mplayer 1.0pre3 and mplayerplug-in 1.0 and using it as a plug-in to MozillaFirebird 0.7.  I can stream the trailer directly with gmplayer, but it has problems with the plug-in, I get a nice white box with the "Downlaoded xxxxx bytes" box in, but then nothing,    While I am attempting to play it I look at the temp files in /tmp/mplayXXXXX there seem to be a few (which all get deleted when I exit that webpage).  I copied these to another directory and tried running them one at a time and the one that is given to gmplayer to play (I've put a tracing script in /bin) just stalls, but one of the others does actually work.

    All the plugger test ground videos work just fine.

    I'm sure it is just a configuration problem, but can't work out what it is.  Can anyone help ?

    Also why isn't the URL just passed to mplayer directory since it does support streaming ?



    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2004-01-07

      Sounds like you are missing the optional codec packages for mplayer. Go to the mplayer site and download and install them.

    • Scott Harrison

      Scott Harrison - 2004-01-08

      As I said in my original mail I can stream the trailer directly with gmplayer doesn't that mean I have the appropriate codecs installed ?

    • mike

      mike - 2004-02-13

      I had what sounds like the exact same problem as you.
      Did you install mplayer or just gmplayer? If you only installed gmplayer then install mplayer as well. That was why it didn't work for me - I realised about fifteen minutes ago, installed mplayer and now the mplayeplug-in works fine.




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