mini skin

  • Travis Graham

    Travis Graham - 2003-07-16

    Thanks for the help with mplayerplug-in.conf file, Kevin.  I created the file and it's working.  However, the mini skin gui is not working.  My .conf file includes the use-gui=mini opton.  I think my problem lies in the location of the mini skin components.  In what directory should the mini skin be installed to?  Thanks in advance.

    • Travis Graham

      Travis Graham - 2003-07-16

      Never mind, I figured it out and it's working!!  Great plug-in!!!

    • Jason Wright

      Jason Wright - 2003-10-23

      I'm having the same problem ..... I think the mini skin is located in the wrong place.  Anyone know which directory it should be in?  Thank you for your time.


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