Can't play if full path of media is not given

  • Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith - 2003-04-22

    I'm using mplayer-plugin 0.71 with Mozilla 1.3 under Linux.

    I was at trying to view a 30 sec. episode preview and mplayer gave me the following error:
    "File not found: /content/Video/"

    After some investigation, it seems that mplayer-plugin does not create a full path to the file before sending the URL to mplayer.

    The video was placed in the page as follows:

    <EMBED WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="256" SRC="/content/Video/" HREF="/content/Video/" AUTOPLAY="true" TARGET="myself" COLTROLLER="false" BORDER="0" KIOSKMODE="true" DONTFLATTENWHENSAVING PLUGINSPAGE="">

    After I modified the HTML source by adding the BASE URL of the page ( ) to the SRC and HREF elements of the EMBED and saved a local copy of the page, mplayer-plugin worked fine on the local copy.

    If I find some time, I'll try to send a patch to fix this, but I am not familiar with the source yet, so that might take a while.

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2003-04-22

      try CVS... I think it works fine in there. I just made some patches to it.

      • Jeremy Smith

        Jeremy Smith - 2003-04-27

        Thanks; the latest CVS is working for me.


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