wyleus - 2004-03-06

Just wanted to drop you guys a note and thank you for this great plugin.

I've been a linux user for about 6 years, but there was always stuff that has kept me using windows because practically speaking there was important things that I just couldn't do with linux.

This year, thanks to the excellent efforts of our wonderful community, everything has finally come together.  One by one, great new capabilities have been developed and these obstacles have come tumbling down.

The very last thing I couldn't do in linux 'till now was listen to yahoo conference calls on the net.  Thanks to this plugin, I'm now free!  Free, I tell you!  What a great great feeling!  This is a great day for me.

Long live Linux!

Thank you, you wonderful hackers.  Linux rocks.  GPL rocks.  RMS rocks.  Freedom rocks!

Desktop linux has finally arrived.  World domination is just around the corner.  It's great to be a part of this.

Sincerely, one damned happy penguin.

Link to my last obstacle, in case your curious;