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  • Daisybodo

    Daisybodo - 2007-11-13


    First of all sorry for my english...

    I used to work on windows xp, now I have to make the code work on Linux - Ubuntu.
    In fact we give the computer and the code is in it.
    The code is in php.

    The code must play videos in fullscreen.
    I've tried this code:

    echo('<embed id="videopub" BACKGROUNDCOLOR="#000000" name="videopub" showcontrols="false" autoplay="yes" loop="yes" fullscreen="yes" fs="yes" src="/videos/'.$dir.'/'.$fichier.'" />');

    But fullscreen doesn't work.
    I've tried to configure mplayerplug-in.conf with fs=yes, fullscreen=yes, zoom=yes, load_fullscreen=yes, without result.

    I've also tried width="1280" height="1024" but a part of the video is hidden (it keeps the original ratio).

    Must I use x11 or xv? (I've tested the two options)

    Is there a way to play videos in fullscreen on loading?

    Thank you

    • Daisybodo

      Daisybodo - 2007-11-13

      (Sorry didn't see the "help" forum, you can delete this thread)


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