Why no Windows support?

  • random_exact

    random_exact - 2006-07-05

    Assuming I don't already have rocks coming in my direction...

    Some of us are Windows users, and nevertheless do NOT wish to use the crap players that are available (namely, Media Player).

    Why no support for mplayer plugin for mozilla for windows?

    • Steven W

      Steven W - 2006-07-20

      Too funny.  I just logged in to ask for a plugin for Windows. 

    • argoo

      argoo - 2007-01-26

      You can use mplayer on windows in ff by getting the mediaplayerconnectivity add-on from the mozilla site.  However, it is not as good as this plugin.

    • Sebastian Schuberth

      MediaPlayerConnectivity does not play the video inside of Firefox, but just launches an external player. I'd really like to have an embedded player. So I'm asking the same: What's missing for Windows support? Would there be a lot of code to change / add?

      • Toad King

        Toad King - 2007-03-27

        My guess would be that since most of it is done in NPAPI and GTK, all you would need is some GTK runtimes for Windows for it to work. However, you'll need the development files for GTK and the Mozilla SDK to compile it on Windows. Again, I don't know a whole lot about cross-platform stuff, so I'm not positive.


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