Why not support for RealPlayer?

  • Micael Höglund

    Micael Höglund - 2003-02-01

    When listing plugins this plugin comes up as:
    mplayerplug-in v0.34 handles QuickTime Windows Media Player Plugin RealPlayer

    but no support for realplayer.

    • Kerry Sanders

      Kerry Sanders - 2003-02-03

      Yea... I can't get it to work with RealPlayer files either.  However, v0.34 works where v0.33 did not.  Well, v0.33 would play files, but as soon as I closed the window that it was in, it would shutdown every instance of Mozilla on my Linux RedHat 8.0 box.  v0.34 does not do that.  :)

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2003-03-07

      RealPlayer streaming is not yet handled by mplayer so we have dropped support for now.


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