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I am currently on a project where we are looking to
support as many platforms as possible, Linux with
mplayer being one of those.
The problem is that the API for mplayerplug-in, which
looks like WMP9's, is making the browser crash when
using the "filename" attribute to change URL.

The player embed-object is embedded via Javascript into
a DIV element, using code like this:

s += '<embed ';
s += ' id="'+playerID+'" ';
s += ' type="application/x-mplayer2" '; // video/x-ms-wmv
s += ' width="' + playerWidth + '" ';
s += ' height="' + playerHeight + '" ';
s += ' src="'+startClipURL+'" ';
s += ' autostart="1"';
s += ' stretchtofit="0"';
s += ' showcontrols="1"';
s += ' autorewind="1" ';
s += ' showaudiocontrols="1"';
s += ' showpositioncontrols="1"';
s += ' showcaptioning="1"';
s += ' showgotobar="1"';
s += ' showstatusbar="1"';
s += '></embed>';

I tried several methods of changing the URI on-the-fly,
but none worked. I tried using .URL/.filename/.src -
but the only results I could get was after 3 changes
the browser crashed. The only way to recover the
browser is to kill the mplayer process and/or threads.

The media is streaming.
I am using mplayerplug-in 3.15 (ATM the most recent

Instead of scripting a filename change I tried
replacing the entire player by setting the innerHTML to
the "s" variable, and just changing the startClipURL,
which works - but the problem is right click -> stop
doesn't work properly then. I cannot be exact because
the problem doesn't seem to be exactly the same every
time - sometimes playstates refuse to change, sometimes
playstates changes :(

There are many small issues to work on here, and I
would prefer not to submit a public URL in here.
Please contact me if you like :)



  • Kevin DeKorte

    Kevin DeKorte - 2005-11-20

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    Can you please try current CVS?

  • Seph Soliman

    Seph Soliman - 2005-11-23

    Logged In: YES

    Same day you posted an answer i tried the CVS. A few issues
    are now toublesome:

    Changing filename while the plugin is connecting makes the
    browser hang.

    Changing filename doesn't work as well as reloading with a
    new "src" using the innerHTML on the parent DIV element.
    However the innerHTML fix now works completely! So that's a

    Changing the filename ... oh god. this is the 5th time i am
    rewriting this paragraph!
    It appears that sometimes the browser hangs for a moment (~2
    mins, maybe) and when it regains conciousness it does
    nothing. Other times it tries to play the clip by connecting
    to the server, only to keep redirecting from the real IP to - which doesn't make sense, since it works
    perfectly if I just reload the plugin.

    I hope I am right to use the <player>.filename attribute.

    thank you

    sorry i cannot be more specific - i spent two days trying to
    write this feedback :(

  • Kevin DeKorte

    Kevin DeKorte - 2005-11-26

    Logged In: YES

    Can you try current CVS again.

    I have no idea why the browser would fall back to the
    private address unless there is a playlist that has a
    private address and public address in the list.

    If you want to email me in private the code and site you are
    using I can keep that private, but otherwise you'll have to
    give me some more info to go on.

  • Seph Soliman

    Seph Soliman - 2005-11-26

    Logged In: YES

    I'm sorry to report that I am not allowed to publish a URL
    right now. I will have to wait until the project goes live.

    I don't know if I'm doing it right, but all I'm getting with
    the latest CVS version is a gray screen with correct audio
    after changing the filename.

    The initial clip is fine.
    I do have some other issues that seem to be more simple.
    I'll create separate reports for those.
    Thank you :)

  • Kevin DeKorte

    Kevin DeKorte - 2005-11-27

    Logged In: YES

    I believe I have fixed the problem of the grey screen after
    the first video is played. It was caused by the second video
    being the same height at the first. I have committed that
    change to CVS.

  • Seph Soliman

    Seph Soliman - 2005-11-27

    Logged In: YES

    Good news incomming :)

    Last night I downgraded from MPlayer Current (not so
    current, since it's from aug 8) to MPlayer 1.0pre7try2.

    That didn't seem to change anything, but this afternoon I
    compiled mplayerplug-in from CVS, as you suggested, and it
    seems alright now.
    I just tried a couple of times changing filename in both
    firefox and epiphany. All of them seem to run fine with over
    5 filename changes.
    And yes - the gray screen problem is gone too.

    I think we can consider this matter resolved. Thank you
    again for the help :)

  • Kevin DeKorte

    Kevin DeKorte - 2005-11-27
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Kevin DeKorte

    Kevin DeKorte - 2006-01-11
    • assigned_to: nobody --> kdekorte

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