#59 Lacking old good features


I started using Mac OS X about 3 months ago and I was very
pleased to find this great movie player. Talking about version
1.0 I considered it to be the best player ever made: it's
easy-to-use, fast, stable, has logic keyboard shortcuts (well,
most of them) and played literally everything for me (except
for RealMedia files, but I have really few of them). The
"Subtitle delay" is fantastic, although I had to try what does
+ and - mean in this case. The only problem was that if we
forgot to switch off the Energy Saver settings, we had to
guard the computer. Well, version 2.0 added that feature,
which I think, is very appretiated. And there's another small
but great feature from an ergonomics view: the little buttons
in the lower corners -- Play mode switch and a working Info
Unfortunately I found some features that aren't re-
implemented in version 2.0 (v2.0b6)
-- the interface got slower (when dragging-adding a new file
to the playlist); perhaps because it's a beta software
-- the buffering is complecated: it was very simple to tell the
program to "Use cache" than "Use cache" and set a buffer
value. And even if I try, I can't get it work (when opening a
file it starts filling the cache -- and never finishes). In v1.0
all worked fine, without adjusting. Maybe because of beta,
but this could be an "expert" option...
-- for the subtitles it was very-very great, the best solution
I've ever seen to drop the subtitle file on the movie file in
the playlist. We don't have to care about the filenames. And
as we drop in every movie (that's the easiest way) in the
playlist, if we want to see the subtitle too, it isn't a big deal
to do another dragging. I mean, you don't have to find the
same location twice in two different environments-windows
(in the Finder, than in the Open File dialog box for the
subtitle). And sometimes one doesn't want to attach the
subtitle to the file. The more conventional mode of adding
the subtitle is to find it by its name, then open it
automatically when the movie is loaded. I don't think this is
a good idea (at least for me it isn't), although all popular
players choose this way. Maybe, the shouldn't, or give an
alternative way.
-- it's a very small thing: in v1.0 one could delete more files
from the playlist or even empty it by selecting the last
movie and than holding pressed the Backspace key. Now for
version v2.0 we have to select with the mouse and than hit
Backspace on every file we want to get rid of... That's much
more slower.

And some more features that could make this app even
-- an (exhaustive -- well, I think it isn't a big deal)
documentation of keyboard shortcuts (+ what they do
exactly) and features
-- ability to control brightness
-- ability to set a default resolution for Full screen mode, and
not hitting the C key x times after starting every single
-- a little bit more customizable font sizes for subtitles

At the end of this "roman" I would like to thank you your
work. This program is a great one and I really appretiate it.
I know that this is a difficult project because of the large
public that uses it and everybody wants another thing from
it. I wish you to make your best choices. Hoping that you
will have the time to work on it, I thank you again!

szegabor [at] sztproba [dot] elte [dot] hu


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