Noach Magedman - 2007-02-15

Just to save everyone some time:
The project is no longer active here.  Go to to get MPlayer OSX.

Some history:
Originally, there was a project called MPlayer, a which was a movie player specifically for the *Linux* platform.  The MPlayerOSX project here on SourceForge was a port of MPlayer to *MacOSX*.  However, since then, the original MPlayer expanded its scope to be a cross-platform movie player, and MacPlayerOSX was merged into it.  The sourceforge MPlayerOSX is obsolete.

Some confusing info:
* The version numbers of the project on sourceforge are in the 2.0 range.  The main MPlayer project is still numbered 1.0.  Nonetheless, the main project is more current.
* The site still has links to the sourceforge MPlayerOSX.

Some clarifying info:
"You can get a native GUI for MPlayer together with precompiled MPlayer binaries for Mac OS X from the MPlayerOSX project, but be warned: that project is not active anymore.  Fortunately, MPlayerOSX has been taken over by a member of the MPlayer team.  Preview releases are available from our download page and an official release should arrive soon."
"RE: Is the project death?
By: Nicolas Plourde (nplourde) - 2005-05-05 17:19
Im in the process of merging MPlayerOSX gui into mplayer. Hopefully it will be available shortly on"
Another thread of people commenting that this project is inactive.

Open Letter to the maintainers of the MacPlayerOSX project:
Please put an official announcement on the homepage of this project so people don't waste their energy.