No audio: How can I fix or uninstall?

  • nemoflax

    nemoflax - 2006-10-24

    I downloaded Mplayer last week, and ever since, none of my video players work properly. I have iMac G5, OS X 10.4.8. No audio on Windows Media Player, Real Player. Usually audio on Quicktime. Can’t listen to movie trailers, YouTube, NY Times video clips. Not on Safari, not on Firefox, not on clips I previously dowloaded.

    I tried downloading fresh versions of those other players, trashing preferences. Switched to a different user account on the OS. Nothing works.

    I don’t remember why I downloaded Mplayer in the first place. Some link to a movie clip or advt must have said, you need this player to view. Darn! I understand it’s beta, but geez. There should be a warning:

    “This download is for geeks, hackers, IT experts only. Not for general cunsumer use.”

    or something.

    • Nightshade

      Nightshade - 2006-10-26

      MPlayer does not install any files that would affect these other programs.
      MPlayer is a self contained application and all support files are in the .app itself.
      You might want to check your system more throughly.

      I can promise MPlayer didn't cause your problem...

      As far as uninstalling MPlayer just delete the MPlayer OS X 2(.app) and it's uninstalled...

    • kluesenkamp

      kluesenkamp - 2007-01-27

      And I can promise, that MPlayer _definitely_ causes this problem.

      I only solved this problem by reinstalling the complete OS X !!!

      I cannot keep using MPlayer any more.


      • nemoflax

        nemoflax - 2007-01-27

        My problem is fixed! All other remedies having failed, I was about to reinstall OS X. But first I reinstalled iMovie (5.0.2 –– bundled with the OS), which was also acting up. After that, the audio worked on my other applications.

        I have no idea how these things are connected.

        • kluesenkamp

          kluesenkamp - 2007-01-27

          Thanks for your hint but i already tried to remove/reinstall various components of various version of the system. Without luck.

          The reinstall of the OS X was the final solution to prevent wasting tons of time in the face of this mingy malfunction.

          May i come back next year to try out this piece of software (but only in a virtual box).

          Have a nice day.

        • kluesenkamp

          kluesenkamp - 2007-01-27

          May there is any other solution out there?

          I'm don't want to reinstall my OS X again because time is always tight.

          Thanks in advance.

    • bsmo

      bsmo - 2007-02-12

      oh no.  this thing fuccj up my computer .  please tell me how to fix my osX.  i can't believe you released this to the public wiothout checking that it completely screwws up all other sound players.  my flash plugins are all screwed up... no audio for flash in safari or in firefox.

      • Nightshade

        Nightshade - 2007-02-12

        Once again I have to step up and repeat the following:

        There is NO way mplayer could be doing this to any MacOS X computer
        It does not put any files in /Library or /System or ~/Library (except the preferences file)

        It relies upon the following:
        It's application path (MPlayer and everything contained within.
        /usr/local/lib /usr/local/etc/mplayer and /usr/local/bin
        .mplayer in your home directory
        hu.mplayerhq.mplayerosx.plist in your preferences folder

        Like I said not one system file is messed with installing MPlayer
        (not even if you compile it yourself as it dumps everything in /usr/local)

        If you absolutely want to uninstall mplayer this is how...
        Delete the .app
        rm -rf ~/.mplayer
        rm -rf /usr/local/etc/mplayer
        rm ~/Library/Preferences/hu.mplayerhq.mplayerosx.plist
        And if you installed the Real Player libs that is in
        rm -rf /usr/local/lib/mplayer

        So people quit complaining that OSX messed up your machine...
        I am not a developer at all involved with the ffmpeg / mplayer or libavcodec..
        But I have been a fan of theirs for years without their great work XBMC and many other open source projects
        would not be where they are today...

        If I could I would mark this thread closed...

      • nemoflax

        nemoflax - 2007-02-13

        Sounds exactly like what happened to me. See my posting 2007-1-27.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2007-04-09

      There is a strange fix.  Just launch garageband once and the problem will resolve itself or at least it did for me after hours of a frustrating search for a more logical answer.

    • Gary Ensmenger

      Gary Ensmenger - 2008-07-08

      I too had the same problem.  Went to   clicked on LISTEN to hear this word pronounced, then got directed to download mplayer.  I tried to listen to the work and instead got the chimpmunk version in hi-speed.  Then I noticed NO SOUND on my PowerBook G4 with OS 10.4.11. Radio Lover and iTunes worked ok.  However, No sound when it pertains to the internet.  No youtube, no CNN, no Washington Post, No CBS news.  I tried all my browsers, FireFox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Safari, none worked.

      Thanks to this forum, and this thread, I launched Garage Band, and EVERYTHING WORKS.    BIG BIG THANKS


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