Subtitles automaticly

  • Karel

    Karel - 2006-11-21

    Does any one know how to setup automaticly subtitles if the subtitle file name match the video filename...

    It did work in 1.08 version... why it doesnt work in version 2 ???

    Please am I missing some setup?


    • ressy

      ressy - 2007-02-02

      I know how to do it for ASS softsubs:
      Open Preferences, go under Miscellaneous
      Under Additional Preferences enter the following:
      -ass -embeddedfonts -correct-pts -sid 0

      Someone who understands this can probably alter it for a different type of subs I'd guess.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2007-08-22

      I got the same issue with .srt subtitles. Anyone have a solution, please?

    • lukreng

      lukreng - 2007-10-15

      I tried it too with mplayer, to open a SRT to a Xvid Movie. it's not to found out. But with vlc Media player is it very easy. Take that one and: Open File, options, open Srt, afther open Xvid, no it's starting with subtitles inside.

    • lukreng

      lukreng - 2007-10-15

      On Windows the Do it with Media Player classic, ithink this is mplayer.Allso they have a tool naming Vob sub:
      Now i have aMac, and maybe one Time i go to find out how to load a srt to Xvid with mplayer. The Links i have from this Site, wher it is written in German language, how to open srt:
      Because This  i translatet it:
      We  always recommend Media Player Classic, that have however nothing with Microsoft Windows Media Player to do €.
      afther downlod, do not forget to install it!

      In order the sub-titles to see we need a completely mad
      Tool. This Tool co-operates with all Players. We get VobSub here:

      afther you have to name the Video and the sub to the same Name, putting in the same folder

      Now start the Videofile and macigcally we have Text in the Video

      Now neverwhere is written how to do it on macintosh. Typic. I think Vlc is the best, the easyest for mac+Pc. How to with mplayer?


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