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  • David Reitter

    David Reitter - 2004-10-24

    Dear developers,

    just been looking at the latest binary (r3). Thanks for this, guys! The scaling is a big leap ahead -- it eliminates the nasty wait when you go full screen and makes the whole handling much better.

    The UI has already improved lately - for example, drag&drop preserves the order of files now
    or at least they're loaded alphabetically, which is very good.

    Without knowing the exact internal structure, I would still like to list a couple of points where Mplayer could be further improved. Many of these things relate to the GUI -- that's the most important thing, since most movies play nicely.

    - When playing multiple files in a row, the window doesn't preserve size/position. E.g.if you play in full screen mode, the next movie should be played right away, in full screen!

    - is it really necessary to have the sub-application that shows the movies?
        can this be integrated into the GUI part?

    - I had a kernel crash (multi-language Apple info display: restart machine), when I first full-screened a movie and switched back right away, while upping the volume (through the Powerbook volume keys). This happened on my 667 DVI Powerbook.

    - rename "Movie Statistics" to "Replay statistics" or something like that for clarity.

    - when I set the cache to 12 MB and then played a file (from harddrive), it kept saying 'buffering' until I force quit MplayerOSX. The sub-app (Mplayer) wasn't started at all.
    - some movie kept switching back from full-screen mode to windowed mode (but no menu bar was established) seems to be connected to the movie -- happens at the same position all the time

    - when going in fullscreen, artefacts remain usually on the left hand side of the big picture, where the window was. the rest of the frame is black as it should be.

    - many movies get out of sync with the audio, which can be quite pronounced. don't know whose fault this is...

    Looking forward to see mplayerosx evolve to a 1.0 :)


    • David Reitter

      David Reitter - 2004-10-24

      ... evolve to a full 2.0, I mean :)


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