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MPlayer-tru / News: Recent posts

truran-xine 0.3.0 is out

Posted by Shixin Zeng 2006-09-02

mplayer-truran-patch against mplayer-1.0pre8 is out

No new features added, just repatch against mplayer-1.0pre8, contributed by Hannibal@YSSY( Now you could enjoy truran with mplayer-1.0pre8.

Posted by Shixin Zeng 2006-08-12

Comicview 0.2.3 released

No new features added. And this version is expected to be used along with Deer Park(Firefox 1.5) ONLY

Posted by Shixin Zeng 2005-12-05

Update comicview 0.2.1

Bugfix and function improve.
fixed charset problem.
finished option dialog
add support of other protocols

Posted by Netplayer 2005-01-06

MPlayer-tru technique preview released

The technique preview of mplayer-tru is released.
This release contain a patch to mplayer 1.0pre5 which supports truran vod system.
This release also contain an early design of mozilla firefox extension which enable the easy access to mplayer from browser.

Posted by Netplayer 2004-09-20