libao problem

  • Robert Campbell

    Robert Campbell - 2003-04-30

    When running mpg321 I get this error

    Directory: /mp3s
    Playing MPEG stream from Robbie - Movin To Florida.mp3 ...
    MPEG 1.0 layer III, 128 kbit/s, 44100 Hz stereo
    libao - OSS cannot set rate to 44100
    Can't find a suitable libao driver. (Is device in use?)

    I am running a debian based system and I have done:
    apt-get install libao-dev
    apt-get install libao2
    apt-get install libao0

    to make sure libao was installed and it is all installed

    does anyone know what the problem is?

    also:  The computer doesn't have X so it is only running in consol mode.  I rebooted to make sure I wasn't using sound with something else

    I know sound works cause I have used other programs that use sound.

    any help please?

    • Robert Campbell

      Robert Campbell - 2003-04-30

      well I discovered the problem was that it didn't like my onboard sound card for some reason...

      Other programs work with it but not mpg321.

      I did find some programs played the mp3's too fast.

      I suppose this is all some incompatibility that libao had with my sound card.  I put a sound card in and it works

      so I guess thats all... just so you know I guess


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