Since I've installed mpg321 yesterday I've been unable to get it to play an entire song, it plays between 2 and 5 seconds of a song, then moves on to the next one, plays another 2 to 5 seconds, then moves on again. As it changes I'm getting a message like the following:

[0:02] song_name.mp3 finished decoding

where [0:02] is the amount of time that it played. It sort of sounds like it's stuck in an "intro" mode or something similiar, but I can't seem to find any related settings to change.

Computer specs are: PII 400, sound blaster16 sound card, 4.5gigs of a 6 gig hard drive.
I'm running redhat 7.2, installed with next to nothing, just the basics, this is for a car computer mp3 player I'm putting together.

I've installed:

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks