#23 Fuzzy sound

Joe Drew

Pentium IV
SoundBlaster Audigy
Slackware 8.1
alsa 0.9.0rc6 (with oss layer)

Mpg321 stopped working good when I compiled and
installed the new ogg-vorbis libraries and libao.
After this Xmms, sox and mpg321 default Slackware
versions made every file I played fuzzy and claimed
that a library (libvorbisfile.so.0) missed (in fact the
library existed, but not in where they thought it
should be)
When I recompiled Xmms( 1.2.7)and sox (12.17.3) they
started working. To be sure I also made symbolic links
in the usual place.
I recompiled also mpg321. The new binary is able to
find the library (it does give no errors), still it
plays terribly fuzzy.
The files are good, as xmms plays it fine now (the
first thing I thought.
Moreover when I decode this files to wav (both with
lame and with mpg231) they are fine.
If I run mpg321 through oss (alsa layer compatibility)
the output if fine
mpg321 -o oss file.mp3
It I use alsa (or no options -- which I suppose is the
default) it sounds fuzzy.
I also have to say that ogg123 uses alsa to output, so
the problem is not with alsa...



  • Stephen Depooter

    Logged In: YES

    I have had no issues of the sort. Closing as worksforme.

  • Stephen Depooter

    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me

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