#20 mismatch in @S

Joe Drew

I'm running 0.2.10 and am having a problem due to
a difference in the reporting of @S between
mpg123 and mpg321. here's what I get under both:

mpg321=@S 1.0 3 44100 Joint-Stereo 2 320 2 1 1
0 128 2
mpg123=@S 1.0 3 44100 Joint-Stereo 2 417 2 1 1
0 128 0

this output is produced using the same file...
however notice that both the "Bytes per frame" field
and the "Extension" (last digit are different).

why is this so? I've written a POE wrapper for
mpg123 which I'm now trying to port to mpg321
and am encountering differences like these...

also, mpg123 writes @E (errors) to stdout whereas
mpg321 writes them to stderr...


  • Joe Drew

    Joe Drew - 2002-12-08

    Logged In: YES

    The "Bytes per frame" is currently not calculated
    accurately. I will probably look into this in the future.

    Extension is as it's reported by MAD; I would venture to
    suggest that mpg123's mp3 decoder probably doesn't pick
    these up, for some reason.

    mpg321 doesn't use any @E, and it probably should. If you
    can provide me with some examples where I go wrong and it
    breaks something you use, I'll fix it. I will probably need
    to do a pretty good cleanup to get this fixed properly, though.

  • Chrysostomos Nanakos

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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