MPD web UI and comand interface issue

Larry Li
  • Larry Li

    Larry Li - 2012-09-23

    I just recently installed MPD5 on my freebsd LNS, tested, it works fine, but the problem is when I'm using MPD under prompt, show link, Children is 0, on the other hand, when using web UI, children is 2. I have two l2tp seesion on the router. It would be great if someone can tell me why is that.

    show link
    Link state: Children : 0

    Since there is no children under L1 (at shell prompt) that mean I couldn't link to L1-1 or bund to B-1.

    Web UI operates fine, I can see the children under link summary.

  • Larry Li

    Larry Li - 2012-09-23

    when I use Link L1-1, it says L1-1" is not defined.

    link L1-1 Error in 'link L1-1': Link "L1-1" is not defined

  • Dmitry S. Luhtionov

    Paste, please full log of CLI session, begun with "show summary", and ending with "link L1-1"

  • Larry Li

    Larry Li - 2012-09-24

    Here is the CLI session log. like I mentioned earlier,  I have 2 testing l2tp session on the router, Web UI shows the 2 children under link L1, but under shell there is 0 childrean. I think that's the problem.

    show summary
    Current daemon status summary
    Iface   Bund            Link    LCP     Device          User            From
                            L1      Initial l2tp    DOWN
            B       Down
    link L1-1
    Error in 'link L1-1': Link "L1-1" is not defined
    bund B-1
    Error in 'bund B-1': Bundle "B-1" not defined.


  • Dmitry S. Luhtionov

    Where you find link "L1-1"? In output from "show summary" command, I see only "L1" link and "B" bundle.

  • Larry Li

    Larry Li - 2012-09-25

    As I mentioned earlier in this tread, under mpd5 web UI, I can see all the children under Link L1, ( L1-1, L1-2, so on ), but under shell there is 0 children, so I can't link to L1-1. I'm trying to write a script to kick user certain user offline, in order to do that I must be able to do it using command line.

    I'm able to Link to L1-1 on web UI. Here is the information under web UI. Currently I have one testing l2tp session under Link L1
    link L1
    show link
    Link L1 (template):
    Device type    : l2tp
    MRU            : 1500 bytes
    MRRU           : 2048 bytes
    Ctrl char map  : 0x000a0000 bytes
    Retry timeout  : 2 seconds
    Max redial     : no redial
    Bandwidth      : 64000 bits/sec
    Latency        : 2000 usec
    Keep-alive     : every 10 secs, timeout 60
    Ident string   : ""
    Max children   : 10000
    Link incoming actions:
    Bundle B
    Link level options:
    Self Peer
    incoming  enable
    pap       enable accept
    chap-md5  disable accept
    chap-msv1 disable deny
    chap-msv2 disable accept
    eap       disable accept
    acfcomp   disable deny
    protocomp disable deny
    keep-ms-domain disable
    magicnum  enable
    passive   disable
    check-magic disable
    no-orig-auth disable
    callback  disable
    multilink disable
    shortseq  enable accept
    time-remain disable
    peer-as-calling disable
    report-mac disable
    Link state:
    Children       : 1 ( you see there is 1 children under L1)

    Current status summary
    Bund Iface IPCP IPV6CP CCP ECP Link LCP User Device Peer IP State
      L1 Initial l2tp DOWN
    B Down Initial Initial Initial Initial
    B-1 ng0 Up Opened Initial Initial Initial L1-1 Opened l2tp UP 1xx.xx.xx.xx 1xx.xx.xx.xx <= bas303400000699


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