I have some problems with MPD making FreeBSD crash.

In fact, i first used MPD for doing both LAC and LNS and sometimes, for an unknown reason, the machine where it was running stopped responding.

I saw nothing on logs except no more logs, and sessions closes because of LCP timeouts.

In order to isolate the source of the problem, i changed the machine, and add another one to separate LNS and LAC functions, and then limit the impact of crashes.

I've added IPMI to be able to connect to the machine even if the IP stack is crashed.

Now i know the problem only occurs on the LNS operating machine. I've been able to connect to console and these are the things i've seen:

- the IP stack is not totally crashed, ICMP is OK but unable to connect neither MPD console/web nor SSH
- processes are running but i'm unable to kill any of them, even with SIGKILL
- i see nothing special on any log
- the only way to make the system work again is to reboot it

So what should i do to diagnose problem next time it occurs (i had to reboot system to make it work again because i could not wait, naturally).

Thank you for your help