What new features do you wait from MPD?

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  • Alexander Motin

    Alexander Motin - 2007-01-26

    If anybody have a good ideas about new features that should be implemented, propose to discuss. Nothing impossible! :)

    Of course, widely usable and/or standardized features are more interesting.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      1. SNMP Features for getting list of active users and drop this users like in hardware NAS'es: Ascend MAX or Cisco. It is for billing software for prevent simultaneous sessions or sessions with zero money balance.

      2. Option "set auth max-logins (num)" must be tunnable: case sensitive or non-case sensitive. Now, some users may successfully login with usernames "User", "user" and "useR" simultaneously.

      • Alexander Motin

        Alexander Motin - 2008-07-01

        'set auth max-logins' feature can now be case insensitive.

        • mike tancsa

          mike tancsa - 2008-07-02

          Acl / tcpwrappers that would work just on the web and telnet interface


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      support of non-counted IP addresses list.

      • Alexander Motin

        Alexander Motin - 2007-11-07

        I have just implemented new feature "Typed Accounting Update" in mpd5 CVS.
        Probably it is exactly what you need.

    • Eddymut

      Eddymut - 2007-02-08

      Disconnect cause in radius-stop-packets should be "console close" (or something), instead "port error", when I close session through the console.

      • Alexander Motin

        Alexander Motin - 2007-02-08

        Fixed in CVS.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Bundle autocreation as in Maxim Zenin's patchset for 3.18
      It's pretty inconvenient to manage configuration of several-hundred-bundles server now.
      With 3.* branch disbanded this becomes an issue.

      • Alexander Motin

        Alexander Motin - 2007-09-22

        Link/bundle autocreation implemented in mpd 5.0 branch in CVS.
        Testers are welcome.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      put dns to resolv.conf

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      In "iface up-script" it would be useful to have access to radius-attributes.
      It will help to organize the traffic shaping by other means - altq for example.

      Thanks for your work.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      support IP pools,  automatic create bundle/links.

      support > 128 sessions.

      • Alexander Motin

        Alexander Motin - 2007-03-11

        > support IP pools,
        Ok, may be later.

        > automatic create bundle/links.
        It require significant internal and configuration changes. Scheduled to distant future.

        > support > 128 sessions.
        There are no such limitation. You should investigate your case if you have some problems.
        mpd4 have been successfully stress-tested on 3000 sessions and production load of 1000 sessions.

        • Nobody/Anonymous


          if create three bundles(ng0,ng1,ng999),then have a  " created 128 interfaces, that's too many!" error.

          • Alexander Motin

            Alexander Motin - 2007-03-12

            > if create three bundles(ng0,ng1,ng999),then have a " created 128 interfaces, that's too many!" error.

            Actually I think '-i' options is terrible. I don't recommend to use it without special reason. I hope to remove it sometimes in future.

            • switchport

              switchport - 2007-03-13

              do cvs's mpd already support ng_cat?

              • Alexander Motin

                Alexander Motin - 2007-03-13

                If you mean ng_car, then yes. Testers are welcome.

      • Alexander Motin

        Alexander Motin - 2007-09-22

        Both IP pools and automatic bundle/links creation implemented in mpd version 5.0 in CVS.
        Testers are welcome.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Interoperability with a Cisco LNS and LAC :-).

      • Alexander Motin

        Alexander Motin - 2007-05-04

        What do you mean? Any problems now?

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Yes. For example, Cisco has the following in LNS implementations:

          vpdn-group SOMEGROUP
             protocol l2tp
             virtual-template XX
             terminate-from hostname LACNAME
             local name LNSNAME
             lcp renegotiation on-mismatch
             l2tp tunnel password SOMEPASSWD

          The "terminate-from hostname" and "l2tp tunnel password" seems to be authentication info to establish a tunnel between LAC and LNS. Maybe I have not tested enough, but I don't see this mechanism yet, even in mpd4.2b1.


          • Alexander Motin

            Alexander Motin - 2007-05-07

            Yes. "l2tp tunnel password" is not implemented yet, but should. As "LACNAME" mpd sends it's local hostname.

            • Alexander Motin

              Alexander Motin - 2007-05-08

              I have implemented tunnel authentication with shared secret in CVS version today (4.2b2). New command 'set l2tp secret ...' added.

              It would be good if somebody could check interoperability with other L2TP implementations, as I have tested only mpd<->mpd connections.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Are there any plans to support TSA?  I'm interested in this.  I have not found this functionality in mpd yet.

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