mpd.conf + radius label Incorrect context

  • Issam Fayad

    Issam Fayad - 2013-09-05

    i have freebsd9.1 + mpd5.6 box working as BRAS and ppp users should authenticated through remote radius-manager

    the configuration of radius lablel in mpd.conf as following:

    set radius server x.x.x.x mypassword 1812 1813
    set radius retries 3
    set radius timeout 3
    set auth acct-update 300
    set auth enable radius-auth
    set auth enable radius-acct
    set radius enable message-authentic

    when tried to load the radius lablel , i received the following error:

    mpd.conf:72: Incorrect context for: 'set radius server x.x.x.x mypassword 1812 1813'
    mpd.conf:73: Incorrect context for: 'set radius retries 3'
    mpd.conf:74: Incorrect context for: 'set radius timeout 3'
    mpd.conf:77: Incorrect context for: 'set auth acct-update 300'
    mpd.conf:79: Incorrect context for: 'set auth enable radius-auth'
    mpd.conf:81: Incorrect context for: 'set auth enable radius-acct'
    mpd.conf:83: Incorrect context for: 'set radius enable message-authentic'

    kindly help me to investigate the issue of radius configuration


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  • Alexander Motin

    Alexander Motin - 2013-09-05

    Label name is irrelevant. The question is where in your main config do you use it? That place defines some context, that is probably not a link.

  • Issam Fayad

    Issam Fayad - 2013-09-07
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