project dead?

  • yingjai

    yingjai - 2007-10-31

    is this project on hiatus, dying, or just slow in development?

    • DasFox

      DasFox - 2008-11-04

      I hope not, this program is great, it is finding problems that no other validation tool has found.

      So far I have not found a better tool for checking mp3 validation then Mp3val.

      As a Unix geek I've lived in the world of seeing so many great projects start and then shortly after die out, leaving us empty handed all the time.

      PLEASE don't let the project die, PLEASE bring an update soon to this great product.

  • kyle775

    kyle775 - 2010-09-07

    i know this thread is quite old thread, but i have been waiting for quite some time to see a particular improvement which is mentioned in the documentation.  particularly the mpeg problem regarding VBR headers.  "Files encoded with VBR should have a VBR header (either Xing or VBRI), otherwise seeking can be broken. This will be fixable in the future versions. "
    any ideas when we will see development… or perhaps an alternative tool?


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