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First general release

Usage: mp3copy <source dir> <destination dir>

The utility will automatically copy files to build a directory structure based on the MP3 TAG:
"<destination dir>/A/Artist/Album/00 - Track.mp3"

Example: mp3copy C:\Download C:\Temp

After carefully checking the results in C:\Temp, copy the files into your main MP3 collection and delete the originals in C:\Download

Just to clarify: The utility does not MOVE or otherwise affect the source files, so it should be safe to use on your original MP3 files. One word of caution though: While the program tries to prevent attempts to read and write from the same file, it is possible to bypass this detection by mounting the same file area under different drive letters or subdirectories. To be completely safe, always use a scratch directory like C:\Temp as the destination unless you know what you're doing.

Posted by Andreas Lund 2009-04-14