compatability with other file extensions

  • Anonymous - 2009-05-26

    Will this program work with other file extensions too such as .wma and .ra

    Also, can it be applied to music that's already on my Zune player or does it need to be active when I rip tunes? 

    Thanks in advance,


    • jwyde

      jwyde - 2009-05-27

      I believe MP3Gain only supports MP3 format, as the name would suggest.  I think it can open .m3u play list files and MP3Gain will find the MP3 targets as well.

      MP3Gain is set up to process files post rip, not as you rip.  So wherever you have your MP3 files, if the location looks like a regular hard drive on your system, you can process the files directly.  The directory needs to be writable as well, because MP3gain creates a temporary file while processing, and then overwrites the original when done.


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