Does MP3Gain apply gain to the audio itself?

  • eluong

    eluong - 2010-01-07

    I have an MP3 file that I needed to add a Replaygain value in order for it to play at a similar volume to the rest of the songs. It's likely that some hardware and software do not support the Replaygain attribute, so I wanted to ask if MP3Gain forcibly applies it to the file (eg sort of reencode the file with the added gain so that the Replaygain value is no longer necessary, eg it is 0db). From the FAQ it claims there is no degradation of quality, you can adjust the gain as many times as you want. This suggests it's only modifying the Replaygain attribute, so I'm not so sure. Is there anything else I can use to achieve this purpose?

    - Eli

  • eluong

    eluong - 2010-01-07

    I actually figured out that I can use Foobar2000 to apply the Replaygain data directly into the MP3 data, so problem solved. :)

  • Glen Sawyer

    Glen Sawyer - 2010-01-07

    Yes, MP3Gain directly modifies the mp3 data. It also writes tags to the mp3 file, but that's a secondary feature, not the original primary purpose: MP3Gain was the first application to use David Robinson's brilliant ReplayGain algorithm, so of course there was absolutely _no_ hardware or software support for RG tags when I wrote it.

    If you're going to just play your mp3s on your Windows-based computer, then yeah, even I recommend using foobar2000. If you're going to be playing your mp3s on a non-ReplayGain aware system (such as a car stereo), then MP3Gain is still useful.
    …but I didn't know that foobar2000 can modify mp3 data directly. Apparently I need to either upgrade to a newer version or maybe just read the instructions more closely ;)


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