Efficiency in gain adjustments

  • Brandon

    Brandon - 2008-07-10

    After doing an Album Analysis at 95db, usually a few tracks show no clipping. When I adjust to 94db, a few more show no clipping. I can go to 92db, but then I'm usually left with several-to-most tracks still showing clipping, and if I reduce the gain to 91db or less, no change occurs in the selected tracks. I must then select the remaining tracks and a random db setting of, say 93db, and Apply. This will result in the same process (gradually increasing or decreasing the db gain again; sometimes having to re-select a new db, Apply that gain level, and then continue to increase or decrease gain again). I would think that one could continue to gradually increase or reduce the original gain without having to arbitrarily set a new db level and Apply (modify) all the tracks.

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or if there is a workaround or setting I'm not aware of. Any solutions anyone?

    The instructions say to "Apply Max Noclip Gain" to my selected tracks. I have 1.2.5 but do not have this option.

    • Glen Sawyer

      Glen Sawyer - 2008-07-10

      "Options - Advanced...", check the "Enable 'Maximizing' features" box.


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