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  • ptfitzy

    ptfitzy - 2010-01-07

    I am new at using MP3 Gain. Since I record a mixed MP3 CD, I use "Track Mode". I get a few with a Red "Y" for "Clipping" in the first "Clipping" column. How do I reduce the sound level of those songs?
    Also, I sometimes see a Red "Y" in the clip (Track) column. What does that mean?
    I read that in order to control clipping you do a "Ctrl X". I higghligted those songs and did a Ctrl X but it did not change it.
    How do I do a "Constant Gain" to make them all close to the same level?

    If I somehow have made an error in the sound level, can I redo the file or album, or is the maximizing I do to them permanent?

  • Glen Sawyer

    Glen Sawyer - 2010-01-07

    The "clip (Track)" column means "if you do 'Track Gain' with the current Target Volume, then the mp3 will have some clipping".

    Go to "Options - Advanced…" and check the "Enable 'Maximizing' features" box. That will enable the "Ctrl+X" you read about.

    All changes made by MP3Gain are undo-able. You don't even have to directly "undo" a gain change before making another one. You can just change the volume as many times as you want without affecting the overall quality of the mp3.

  • ptfitzy

    ptfitzy - 2010-01-12

    Thanks for your help. OK. If I do the "Ctrl X" it shows the "Clipping" on the songs, but they are now under "Maximum Noclip" such as a  negative with a number. In reality when listening to the songs, they are a tiny bit louder whether I do a Ctrl X or just click add Folder.

    When I add a Folder, I get a box coming up telling me "Read only File" and gives me a "Warning, Read only file will not be able to be modified". Is this supposed to come up?  I click on Yes to all since it is a folder and it adds the songs.
    If there are a few songs shown as clipping after you download them into MP3 Gain, can you change those 3 or 4 songs that are clipping? Does raising the "Target Volume" more help?
    In your opinion if you have a CD of MP3's and you put it in your Drive and want to get them all close to the same volume, what is the best or easiest way you would do it.

    Finally, at the end I get a box saying I have 15 errors during process and do I want to view them.
    It says something to the fact it is an MPEG layer II File not an MPEG III layer file. Do I just ignor that?
    Thanks, ptfitzy


  • Clayton Macleod

    Clayton Macleod - 2010-01-13

    You can't modify files that are on a CD.  You will have to first copy them to your HD.  Then you can work with the copies that are on your HD.

  • ptfitzy

    ptfitzy - 2010-01-13

    I did save them to my HD in a folder in "My Documents" after I made the CD. I still get the "Warning" that says it is a "Read only file" and cannot be modified, when I first click to start MP3 Gain. I just say "Yes to all" and MP3 Gain then starts to changing or "Normalizing" the songs.
    Also, after changing the "Target Volume", I do get a few songs listed as "Clipping". Can I change those songs individually or can I only make changes to the whole file? I've done a file with just changing the Target Volume and I also have made them all the same volume by doing a Ctrl. X. after going to "Options". Even making them the same "Volume" and after MP3 Gain is done, I still have the same songs listed as "Clipping". When MP3 Gain is done, I get a box telling me there were 13 errors and asking me if I want to view the errors. Is that supposed to happen?
    Thanks, ptfitzy

  • Clayton Macleod

    Clayton Macleod - 2010-01-13

    It's possible that the copies were made by Windows with the read-only attribute still set, just like they would be on the CD.  That's not usually what happens, but it's possible.  Right-click the folder on your HD, and select Properties.  Make sure the box for Read-only is cleared of checkmarks and then hit OK.  It should ask you if you would like to also apply that change to all the items within the folder, and you should select yes.  Once it finishes applying the new settings try running mp3gain on the files again.  That time it should work.

  • ptfitzy

    ptfitzy - 2010-01-14



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