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Clipping notification too strict?

  • dfs2006

    dfs2006 - 2009-12-22

    Hello. I've noticed that a lot of my files indicate clipping if set to the desired dB. Normally I set it to not clip, but I de-selected that option and let it clip as a test. Using Audacity I looked at the files that indicated "clipped", and in many cased there is only one tiny blip that actually clipped, and it's completely inaudible on playback. Is there a way to give a file a score or average for clipping? That is, if there is only one minor blip it gets a low score, and it there are a whole bunch of blips it gets a high score. The reason being, most of the files I looked at are perfectly good to listen to with one blip. If I lower the dB to a point where it indicates no clipping, the sound level is much too low. Indicating that a file is clipping with only one single blip seems a bit drastic. I'd like to know how bad it's clipping without running it through Audacity. I have tens of thousands of files so that's not practical.


  • Clayton Macleod

    Clayton Macleod - 2009-12-22

    I just use the regular 'radio gain' unless the album has quiet tracks, in which case I use 'album gain' so the quiet tracks get a decent volume, and then I strip the album gain from the rest of the tracks leaving behind the radio gain value.  If I ever hear anything with obvious clipping, only then do I bother looking into it and adjust that file's gain.  Too much hassle to worry about individual files if you never hear it.  And if you ever hear it, fix that one.

  • dfs2006

    dfs2006 - 2009-12-22

    Do you mean track gain? I don't see radio gain anywhere. I don't use album gain at all because I have far to many albums to deal with, and after getting familiar with an album I'll rarely listen to the entire album at one sitting. I have somewhere around 100K files (and climbing) and need the easiest way of "normalizing" them in one operation. I mostly shuffle all songs in a particular genre. Unless future development will add a score or average or something else to indicate how bad the song is clipping, I'll probably stick with allowing clipping at 92dB and only fix the ones that I hear that are no good, just like you said. For classical stuff I don't do anything with the gain since in those cases I do listen to the entire album in sequence in one sitting. I never shuffle classical. And I have too many to deal with. I'm far to lazy :-) . Thanks.

  • Clayton Macleod

    Clayton Macleod - 2009-12-23

    Yeah, track gain.  Used to be called radio gain, and was for long enough that I still say it sometimes, heh.  Far too many albums to deal with?  Aren't they properly tagged by album?  I never use mp3gain anymore, too darn slow.  Use foobar2000.  You can do album gain by album tag with that.  If you get the desire to use album gain, anyway.  At any rate, foobar2000 is many times faster than mp3gain, and will save you a lot of time.  Why are you using 92 dB?  Don't have a volume control on your playback system? heh.


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