here's one for the wish list. But maybe I should first elaborate on why a "scan-
only, do not modify" option can make sense at all.

Well, I'm looking with horror to all the new developments in music production and mastering, which narrow down the dynamic range even more year by year. (Although I had been sure that the climax of this had already been reached by now, I got proved wrong again)

That's why, while on Windows, I always "misused" the Replay Gain feature in fb2k to check if a track has excess compression and poor dynamic range. Rule of thumb: once you notice something like -10.25 dB, you should be alerted, also regarding your precious pair of ears.
Hence, I thought that this might be a nice-to-have in (Linux) mp3gain as well. So I could simply write me a script that spits out the gains (WITHOUT modifying the file, if possible) and just tells me where the over-compression lurks.

But alas, if only marginally, the files get always MODIFIED and one cannot do anything about it. For instance, wget has a sort of simulation mode (--spider) where it would never download anything but just show results.

Since mp3gain is the only tool for Linuxers regarding that topic, it would be very nice if an option like this existed.
Thanks for your consideration.

Last edit: Andreas E 2013-05-12