id3v2 tags

  • Anonymous - 2009-11-19

    I'm trying the id3 feature in v1.5.1 but i'm having some problems. the program does modify the id3 tag (it adds MP3GAIN\_MINMAX and MP3GAIN\_UNDO) so that tells me that it knows how to read and write id3. However, the required tag for replaygain to work (in winamp, in rockbox and afaik in any other player that knows RP) is missing. The tag that seems to be missing (that winamp itself creates when used to replaygain and that rockbox and amarok understand) is replaygain\_track\_gain and maybe also replaygain\_track\_peak

    am i missing something here or is this feature just not completely implemented??

  • Anonymous - 2009-11-19

    it think i answered my own question. i'll explain for future references anyway.

    After further investigation it seems mp3gain DOES work in id3. it just doesn't store the info in replaygain_track_gain like winamp and foobar but on RVA2. it seems also that winamp, rockbox and amarok can handle RVA2 with no problem.

    rockbox defaults to RVA2 when both are present.

    winamp does not show the RG info on the id3 editor when in RVA2 (thus why i thought it didn't recognize it, but it does change the volume so it is)


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