IronBruce - 2006-10-18

I had some mp3 files that were encoded with FhG encoder at variable bitrate.
I noticed the program listed the files as CBR @ 32kbps with inaccurate and long songlengths. But I didn't care, as long as my mp3 library program (MediaMonkey) still displayed the right properties.
I edited these files (tags and filenames). I re-entered the files in MediaMonkey then, and it seems the program "inherited" the wrong properties. All in all, the files are now shown as 32 kbps CBR with lengths at about 20 minutes in BOTH programs, whereas the mp3s are actually VBR at about 4 minutes.

I am not sure if I'm to blame an FhG VBR - MP3 book Helper combination, because it's the first time I faced such a problem with this wonderful tool that you develop and for which you deserve a million thanks! All this time saved...

But I would appreciate it if you could explain what happened there, so that I prevent this from happening again, because I don't see any way to change back the properties to the former values.

Thank you in advance.