Zerothis - 2009-01-05

this assumes you've already created a mp3blaster playlist called myplaylist.lst

to start try this:
mp3blaster -qR -p allrandom -a myplaylist.lst

also you can make a bash script:
mp3blaster -qR -p allrandom -a myplaylist.lst

save the above to a file and put it somewhere then put a link in your path to it so you can run it from any command line, or run it at boot, or run it as a cron job. The following is a comman-line example that might work on any POSIX+bash command-line like in Linux (also DOS or Windows if you've configured it for POSIX compliance) to create a way to type playallmymusic to run the script. /path/of/file could be /home/user on Linux, C:\Documents and Settings\user on Windows. /executablepath/for/os could be /usr/local/bin on Linux, C:\Windows on Windows. Note that DOS and Windows do not support symbolic links and a batch file in the path should be used instead:

echo #!/bin/bash > /path/of/file/playallmymusic
echo mp3blaster -qR -p allrandom myplaylist.lst >> /path/of/file/playallmymusic
[for DOS: use playallmymusic.bat and move it to /executablepath/for/os instead of the following]
chmod +x /path/of/file/playallmymusic
chmod 777 /path/of/file/playallmymusic   [optional, lets anybody run it or edit it to change the playlist]
sudo ln -s -T /path/of/file/playallmymusic /executablepath/for/os/playallmymusic