mdozer - 2007-02-14

Right now, the performance of mp3blatster on the new build seems very slow.  I was originally using the version found in the repositories, 3.2.0, and I did not have the same issues. When I run the newer version, the playback skips like crazy, and I am wondering if it has to do with buffering. Version 3.2.0 has not skipped for me at all and I am wondering if the repositories have built in such a way that it is customized for my OS.

How do I specifying buffering overhead for SDL drivers and the like? I would like to experiment with 3.2.3 because I _really_ appreciate the dynamic screen resizing. Could it be that the dynamic screen resizing is slowing down the performance of playback? Intuitively, I ruled that out because that seems rather odd, but maybe that is the case.

Please inform me of what the playback issues are and how I can specify how much buffering occurs with the drivers.