OS X arrow key bindings

  • iN8sWoRld

    iN8sWoRld - 2007-10-01

    I've been able to compile fine on OS X 10.4.9, and I created a .mp3blasterrc with some alternate key bindings (since on my G4 powerbook the Function keys are reserved for other functions like screen brightness, etc.), but the directional keys don't work!  This means I can't navigate through lists or do much of anything.  I tried to map the keys using Key.Up = up, Key.Down = dwn, etc.  but it doesn't seem to do anything.  Any ideas?

    • iN8sWoRld

      iN8sWoRld - 2007-10-01

      OK, I use vim all the time, so it's natural for me to use

      Key.Up = k
      Key.Down = j
      Key.Left = h
      Key.Right = l
      (I didn't think about using that at first)

      but it would still be nice to know how the key mapping works so I can get the arrow keys working. Is this an ncurses thing?  In any case, great job, and thanks for mp3blaster!


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