Sound output broken with Ubuntu 9.04 ?

  • for(;;)

    for(;;) - 2009-12-16

    Hi forum,

    I've been using mp3blaster for a while, but now I get "Sound device control error" when I try to play something.
    Sound works with other programs. I googled and found another Ubuntu 9.04 user having the same problem.

    Any suggestions?

  • for(;;)

    for(;;) - 2010-01-05

    Managed to get it work.

    Seems that it won't work with OSS as output device, but now it works with SDL.

    Installed library libsdl1.2-dev. ./configure showed sdl as supported device afterwards.

  • Bram Avontuur

    Bram Avontuur - 2010-01-05

    Glad you figured it out yourself, I missed your original post.

    Using the environment variable SDL_AUDIODRIVER you can have it use several sound output systems. E.g. on ubuntu, you should set it to 'pulseaudio'. 'alsa' would work on any recent linux distribution as well.

    I'm planning on updating mp3blaster with a more clever audiodevice detection system. E.g. configure will, by default, require SDL, and fail if it cannot be found (this can be overridden with -without-sdl, but is not recommended anymore then). Also, it will require having either the environment variable set, or have it set in the config file.


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