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How to start with:playlist+autoplay+allrandom

  • dchip

    dchip - 2006-01-28

    I can't seem to figure out how to have mp3blaster load up with my playlist autostart+random.

    The best I can do so far is have it load up with my playlist auto playing.(only in the order of the list  though, therefore the same song always plays first).

    This is the command I am using:

    $ mp3blaster -a myplaylist.lst

    I've read the man page but I can't understand how the 'playmode' options work (what the syntax would be for 'allrandom').

    • Bram Avontuur

      Bram Avontuur - 2006-01-29

      The playback modes are a bit confusing if you're not used to them.

      The easiest way to get this to work:

      -Load mp3s into your playlist
      -Press F7, or whatever your keybinding is for "Toggle GroupShuffle"
      -write the playlist

      Now, you start the list with -a and it will shuffle.

      Each playlist group (folder) can have its own shuffle setting, regardless of the playback mode used. That's the confusing bit..

    • Zerothis

      Zerothis - 2009-01-05

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