piotr - 2009-02-12

I have been a fan of mp3blaster for ages :-)

I never have been able however to customize the key bindings for MixerVolDown and  MixerVolUp working in 3.2.3. Other key bindings work fine

Now with 3.2.5 I experience the same problem.

It would be handy to get this working as I like to use my pocketpc to remote control mp3blaster over ssh. It is a bit of a hassle to use the default < and > on the pocketpc keyboard  so I would like to change the bindings to f.e.,

Key.MixerVolDown =  <i>x</i>
Key.MixerVolUp =  <i>z</x>

This is <b>not</b> working, whatever value I assign  (???)

For some weird reason the only non default  value I get working is
Key.MixerVolUp =  <i>pup</i>

Key.MixerVolDown =  <i>pdn</i>   is not working at all (???)

Am I the only one with this problem ?