JoepBakker - 2007-05-17

I've been using mp3blaster for a few days now, haven't found any application like it.
However, I tried the '/'(Search) and the 'S' (Select Some Items) function to search for a specific mp3 file in my mp3 folders and it's not working as I'd hoped it would. I hoped it would work like Winamp's 'j' (Jump to File) function, for searching trough items in the playlist (when viewing the playlist window) and for searching troughout the directories (when viewing the 'Select File' windows).

Search files:
-recursively searching trough subdirectories/playlist-folders
-presenting the results in a separate search-results window
-case insensitive searching
-regular expressions(?)
-start searching in the complete filename, not just from the beginning
(with this, I mean: when I use '/' and try to search on 'Doors' the file in my playlist named 'The Doors - Riders On The Storm.mp3' isn't found, because it starts with 'The' and not with 'Doors'.)

As noted in another message from someone else, some protection against accidental deletes would be great. Having to press another key after 'D' will hopefully help prevent more more accidental file deletes.