Tim Bates - 2007-01-25

OK, I think I'm using an older version of MP3Blaster, but I'm not sure. From memory it's the version in Debian Stable at the moment. Anyway, this is some of the things I wish it did... Feel free to call me an idiot if they are already possible  ;-)

* ReplayGain/VorbisGain: Since I use MP3Blaster on an in car music player with a huge range of music, this would be incredibly handy. Not all my music is of the same style or recording level, so I'm constantly having to adjust the volume. ReplayGain would help greatly here...

* Support for character LCDs (like HD44780 based displays). Or some simple way for a script or external program to be told the currenty track names, etc.

* Add a list of features, supported file formats, etc to the web site. I just had a quick look for the supported file formats and discovered a lack of info in that department. A simple quick page would be nice.