Suggestion for shortcut keys

  • Dralnu

    Dralnu - 2006-08-23

    I've noticed mp3blaster's keys are tied mainly into the Fx keys. This causes issues in terminals (such as Aterm). Could you possibly remap these keys, or give the used a config to set them to something else? I want to trash XMMS for mp3blaster (no sense in having two mp3 players on a system, eh?), and this is about the only thing keeping that from happeneing.

    • Bram Avontuur

      Bram Avontuur - 2006-08-25

      There is a sample.mp3blasterrc in the docs/ directory that contains a config which uses 1..0 instead of F1..F10.

      • Bernhard Reutner-Fischer

        I am using this as my ~/.mp3blasterrc

        You may need to change the color "default" to "black" to make it work with your version, though.

        AudiofileMatching = \\.mp[23]$, \\.sid$, \\.wav$, ^http://, \\.ogg$, \\.mp3\\.incomplete$
        Color.Default.fg = white = default
        Color.Popup.fg = blue = blue
        Color.PopupInput.fg = white = magenta
        Color.Error.fg = white = red
        Color.Button.fg = magenta = default
        Color.ShortCut.fg = magenta = blue
        Color.Label.fg = default = yellow
        Color.Number.fg = yellow = default
        Color.FileMp3.fg = green
        Color.FileDir.fg = blue
        Color.FileLst.fg = yellow
        Color.FileWin.fg = magenta
        Key.SelectFiles = s
        Key.AddGroup = a
        Key.SetGroupTitle = t
        Key.ToggleRepeat = r
        Key.ToggleShuffle = u
        Key.TogglePlaymode = p
        Key.ToggleSort = F
        Key.ChangeThread =
        Key.File.AddFiles = a
        Key.File.InvSelection = I
        Key.File.RecursiveSelect = S
        Key.File.SetPath = P
        Key.File.DirsAsGroups = A
        Key.LoadPlaylist = l
        Key.WritePlaylist = w

        Hope this helps,


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