Running mp3blaster on my HP ThinClient t5135

  • Cobra Choppergirl

    mp3blaster running great on my HP ThinClient t5135 booting to (Tiny Core) Micro Core Linux with 108mb RAM…  

    uses about 15% CPU of 400mghz Geode 2 MX processor, 11.4 watts total system power consumption.

    Caveat:  can only control it from the attached monitor, because it barfs through running it through telnet remotely, but several tc apps are that way, I guess its a term thing and I need a telnet app better than Windows telnet or Putty that is set to something other than VT100 or VT220 by default.

    Thanks for all your work. Just wanted to let you know, its still being downloaded and used today! (on my dedicated web/samba solid state server, now a music server too).   Almost as cool as my RIoCar/ EMPEG


  • Cobra Choppergirl

    I figured this out, to get color and F keys to work in mp3blaster and mcedit, etc.  across Telnet…  

    Use xterm for your term type, but set the bits that the term sends from 7 (default) to 8 in your terminal program

    I got it to work with Absolute Telnet, it may work with others (Putty, etc)

    Absolute Telnet Client : Options: Properties… VT Options tab… then under "Absolute Telnet sends … change from 7 bits to 8 bits)

    If you can't get xterm and color to work for you with this fix, you can also set your telnet client term type to VT100, and the screen formatting will work, but you will only get black and white colors in mp3blaster.  Tinycore doesn't seem to include vt220 termcap or ansi termcap support by default

    choppergirl @ air - war . org


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