Start at XX time in mp3 file

  • Keith Pettit

    Keith Pettit - 2006-02-17

    i listen to large audio files that are usually a couple hours long.  Right now it's impossible to go to the middle of the file without holding the "3" key for a long long time.

    Can you make it so there is a flag where you can do
    mp3blaster -t 1:36 file.mp3

    Or something where you can save the position where you are at in a mp3 file.

    Love the console app, thanks!!

    • linuxlala

      linuxlala - 2006-02-19


      Until the feature is added, you can increase the forward jump from the default 10 to say 30 or 10 minutes or whatever to suit your purpose.

      Here's what I did:
      1. copy the file /usr/share/doc/mp3blaster/examples/sample.mp3blasterrc
      to ~/.mp3blasterrc

      2. look for the line
      #SkipLength = 10

      This sets the default value for the fast forward at 10. Change it to whatever helps in your purpose then quit and restart mp3blaster.

      The values is set in seconds so change it accordingly. Maybe now you have to keep 3 pressed for a shorter time period.


    • Keith Pettit

      Keith Pettit - 2006-02-22

      Thanks that'll help for sure in the short term.

    • ilf

      ilf - 2006-05-21

      i'd also love this feature. but not just a command line flag, a shortcut from within the running program would be cool.


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