iN8sWoRld - 2007-10-04

It is marked as interesting in TODO
-implement ID3v2 tag parsing (,

I would vote for this, since most of my other players support this now, and most of my music is MP3 and tagged in this new format, much of it is missing id3v1 tags as a result.  Processing all my files to have the older id3v1 standard info (and keeping them in sync) is daunting. 

It took a little investigation to find out why mp3blaster wasn't showing correct / any id3 tag info, I thought it was just broken at first!  An MP3 file can have one or both types of id3 tags. (NOTE: this is NOT true of OGG, WMA, AAC, or WAV files which either have their own format, proprietary formats, or no support for tags). The original ID3 standard (version 1 from 1996) was popular for car stereos and the like, and only shows a few pieces of track info, and limits the number of characters per field to max 30.  The other, (version 2.3) is the current and probably most popular standard which allows for a lot of different fields, and at a longer field length (so you can type long album names and such). 

Although I am not a developer, it appears that there exists a library (released under LGPL) called taglib that can read various types of tags.  Might it be possible to incorporate it into mp3blaster so as to enable mp3blaster to read and display all of this information?